Monday, May 19, 2008

Whew...What A Day

I left the house today at the unbelievably early time of 8:45 so I could bring my brother Patrick to his dentist appointment. While he was there I sat in my car right on Main Ave and watched a Warwick cop nail people with his radar gun. He'd point that thing and the first car that came along, screech, he was gone after them! Three times he did that in about a half hour. He must be the fastest ticket writer east of the Mississippi!

After the dentist, Patrick and I headed to my doctor's office. Third floor, elevator not working! Seems I got my exercise for today right there in the stairwell.

Then we went to the dreaded DMV. What is it about people at the DMV? They could be the nicest people and as soon as they walk into the DMV they look like low-lifes. I'm sure it happens to me too. I think that they would look like normal people in other locations, but not at the DMV. I wonder if it's just my perception or if others think the way I do. Who knows!?

Patrick got his state ID card, something I've been wanting to do for about 6 or 7 years, but since he works every day and back then I was working, so we just couldn't get it done. This is week two of his vacation, so we finally got it done. I also got my license renewed. It was due to be renewed in June - on my birthday, of course. I always thought that you had to go within the actual month, but I found out today that it's up to 90 days before the expiration. Of course, I didn't take a number and there were lots of people waiting, but the lady was nice enough to renew my license while she processed Patrick's info. I kept the old picture, it is probably the best license picture I've ever had taken and I've had many license pictures taken over the years, believe me.

Then we did other errands; pharmacy, lunch, mail, library, and we finally went to get our recycling bins! I've been using paper bags and an extra wastebasket for the past 6 months for my recyclables, but now we are official!

I used as much gas today in my car as I usually do in a month! We finally got home about 2:30. No nap today, trying to stay up and go to bed when others do, but I sure am tired.

I got my first "friend" invitation on YouTube last night. Somebody with the name godlesspatriot! Sounds like a good match for me. He or she has added one of the funniest response to the Bill O'RALly video that's been making the TV rounds as well as a great George Carlin video that I've added to my favorites - it's about religion. Very insightful and I so agree with him.

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