Saturday, May 31, 2008

Alice & Faith's Rosie Adventure

Yep, that is Rosie, me and Faith together at the AC Moore craft store in Framingham, MA! What a long day we had; long lines, friendly people and finally, a chance to meet and talk with Rosie, who I totally enjoy. It all started at 5:15 am on Saturday 5/31 when I woke up. After showering and letting Hannibal out, I was off. First to the bank as I had about 57 cents on me, then onto Faith's house and then 95 north to 128 into Framingham. We had a nice ride, only running into a couple of stupid drivers, only getting a tiny bit lost (we actually passed the AC Moore store as it was at the rear of Shoppers World) and arriving at the store at about 8:25. We got our red tickets, which meant we would be in the first group of people to meet Ro. We were told to return about 11:00 so off we went to find a place to have some breakfast. After our very filling breakfast we went to Trader Joe's, which I had heard of, but never visited. It's a little like Whole Foods, (which I've never been to either,) but it was fun. We found some cereal called Joe's O's, which Faith bought for her Joe.

Then we went back to AC Moore and the wait for Rosie began. We got in line a few minutes before 11:00 and we waited and waited and waited and then we waited some more. Thank goodness for the other people in line. We all had Rosie in common, so it really was a fun time and nobody got grumpy, including me. And, of course, there was the one crazy Rosie stalker fan! She looked strange to begin with and her actions and words pretty much put us all off and made us very wary of her, enough so that one of the girls in line notified security. Surprisingly, Faith was able to get her in a picture, which I will post soon.

Once Rosie got to the store, all babies, elderly and handicapped went to the front of the line, which was sort of frustrating. While I understand how Rosie feels, she doesn't want them to have to stand in line - but those of us who aren't babies, elderly and/or handicapped stood in line for hours (or sat, as I did) it was a very long wait.
Once we did get to the front of the line, it got pretty exciting. I thought it was strange to hear her voice in person - while it sounds the same, it was different. We watched Rosie interact with the ladies in line ahead of us and, just before us, a small boy named David. He wouldn't approach Rosie as his sisters did. And he wouldn't smile either. So Rosie approached him and gave him a beanie baby type stuffed animal.

I was next and Rosie explained to me that he had a brain injury from a car accident. I can't remember everything we spoke about, but we did cover the color green, which is my and her favorite color - as well as the color of her eyes. She has the most beautiful green and hazel eyes that don't show up when she's on TV or in movies. They are very distinct. She's very pretty also, not just attractive, but pretty and I suspect that she will become beautiful as she gets older.

She signed my Crafty U book, as well as a poster of her art that I brought with me, and we hugged and she gave me a kiss on my cheek. Faith took a few pics and a woman photographer there took the picture of Rosie, me and Faith.

All that waiting in line suddenly vanished from my mind and having met Rosie, my mission was accomplished. It was great to meet Rosie, she was everything and more than I had expected.

But the real gift that day was the time that I spent with Faith, my best friend for almost 35 years, since we met at the beginning of 12th grade in the fall of 1973. I'm so glad to have shared the day with her and completely appreciate the support and help that she gave me, her enthusiasm for our road trip, and the pictures that she took. She is the best!

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