Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm A You Tuber

I have to admit something. I am totally addicted to You Tube!

Until recently, I would visit You Tube now and then. I thought some of the videos were pretty funny; babies laughing, people who can't drive very well, you know, things like that.

Then I discovered that if you type in The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Queen, etc. you get tons of videos of performances. Unbelieveable to see George Harrison at Concert For Bangladesh from 1971, John Lennon playing Imagine, and on and on.

The best thing is that you can save your favorite videos, so that it's easy to find them without having to go through the threads.

Here's a little sample of what's out there:

There are clips from movies, TV shows, and people's private lives (which I don't really enjoy). You wanna see Tiny Tim on The Tonight Show? It's there. Lucy and Ethel on the chocolate candy assembly line? That's also on You Tube.

I haven't posted any videos yet, but I'm sure I will before long.

Anyway, check it out. Type your favorite music group, TV or movie personality or just about any word at all and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. You too might become addicted.

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