Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Idiot's Administration Does Something Right...

...and they still get it wrong!

Today, quite unexpectedly, the Idiot's Interior Secretary declared the polar bear a threatened species, saying it must be protected because of the decline in Arctic sea ice from global warming.

This was long overdue, the sea ice has already caused the beautiful polar bear to already feel the effects of a warmer climate.

The problem is that this declaration is short on protection for the bears and long on the continuing of offshore oil development in waters where bears and oil drilling are expected to coexist. There has been concern within the business community that protecting these gorgeous bears could have far-reaching impact and could be used to regulate carbon dioxide. Well, duh, carbon dioxide emissions need to be reduced anyway, because some of these businesses will be under water if reduction doesn't start right away.

The department's scientists state that sea ice loss will likely result in two-thirds of the polar bears disappearing by mid-century. The bear population across the Arctic from Alaska to Greenland doubled from about 12,000 to 25,000 since 1960, but he noted that scientists now predict a significant population decline.

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