Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cute, Cute And More Cute

I get most (90%) of my news on the internet. This started when the idiot was running for president and as only gotten more prevalent as the years have passed. I also rarely watch TV, other than the shows that I record. So, today I read that the Today show had a Cutest Puppy in America contest. And here are the pictures I found. I could not resist sharing them.

This is my winner. They look like polar bears!
This is their winner, he reminds me of Emilee when she wants something from me! And here's all the rest:
Look at the eyes on these beautiful babies.
This is my 1st runner up, so freakin cute!
I'd love to have a dog whose ears stand up!
Wrinkly cuteness.
Sweetness and snow.
He looks like he'll be trouble when he's older!
Is that Hookey or Hannibal as puppies? Could be either!
This guy looks like a stuffed animal!
My nephew Matthew loves Yorkies!
Gotta love a smiling Golden.
I want them ALL!!!!

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