Saturday, May 3, 2008

Meds On The Cheap

I have effected a minor miracle with the cost of my medication and boy am I happy about it! It's taken a few months, but it was certainly worth it.

I had been getting my prescriptions from CVS. Without medical coverage the cost of my prescriptions each month was between $385 and $440. This is for just 4 scripts!

The first thing I did was switch everything over to Walgreens. They have a prescription club which you can get some scripts for just $12.99 for 90 pills. Only 2 of my scripts were covered by that program.

So the next thing I did was get in touch with the manufacturer of one, in this case, Lilly. They have a website which is a patient assistance program for people with no or little health care. I printed the paperwork, sent it to my doctors office for verification and Lilly sent a 4 month supply of pills.

I also went to PPARX and filled out their paperwork. I was able to get a 3 month supply of that pill for just $20.

So now my monthly costs at Walgreens is just $25.98!

Quite a savings overall, don'tcha think?

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