Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

America's most recent war dead lie in a quiet patch of ground at Arlington National Cemetery known as Section 60. In that parcel are 485 men and women who were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Arlington is one of more than 100 national cemeteries in the United States where there are military graves. Some families turn down the opportunity to have a loved one buried at Arlington, opting instead to have the grave closer to home.
"When you walk down these rows, you learn to respect every single person in this row, not just the person you came to see - every one."

There are more than 290,000 bodies buried here.
Particularly touching are the mementos left at some of the graves -- photographs of wives and children, children's drawings, coins, greeting cards, notes, stones and even unopened beer bottles.
Nino Livaudais was killed in Iraq in April 2003. At his grave is a multicolored, handmade card bearing the message: "You are my hero, Daddy. I am 4 years old, and I miss you and love you very much, Grant."

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