Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why Would Anyone Do This

The other day I saw a few moving type trucks in the driveway of my deceased landlord's house. The trucks were being packed up and at first I thought that Cheryl, his widow, might be moving out. Patrick could hear people moving things out upstairs from his apartment where there is a florida type room. But then I saw a furniture delivery truck making a delivery so I couldn't really figure out what was going on.

Today as I was bringing Patrick home from his dentist appointment I saw Cheryl outside, so I decided to go speak with her and get the low down on just what was going on.

It seems that Gordon's son came to clean out his fathers stuff from the house. Cheryl said that they took everything that wasn't hers. Everything!

They took the living room set and the dining room set. They cleaned out the attic and the basement. They took her bed and her dishes!! Yes, you read that correctly. They took her bed.

Yes, her marriage bed that she shared with the husband that she is still grieving! And it is all going to be auctioned! They don't need the stuff, they just want her to move out so they have made it difficult for her to stay in the house. As she is telling me this, my eyes started to tear up, I felt so completely sad for her and her helplessness. They didn't even offer to leave anything or to even have her buy it from them.

She knows that they want to sell the house(s)!!! That would not bode well for me and Patrick as anyone who buys these houses will either raise our rents or boot us out, either of which makes me want to cry (for me!) It took me years to find the perfect living arrangement for Patrick and me and I can't imagine having to look for rentals, never mind having to move again! If or when the time comes, I don't think I will go quietly! Which, coincidently, is how Cheryl feels about staying at the house. I'm thinking spite might make her sit tight for awhile and I told her that she should stay for as long as she feels is right. (Which I hope is forever!)

Anyway, I cannot believe that anyone would or could be so cold as to do that to a woman whose husband died the week before Christmas. I can only imagine that Gordon would not be happy about this at all.

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