Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You Go Girl!

With 66% of the votes in - NBC news is projecting Hillary Clinton as the winner in the NH primary. It's still pretty close, though.

I love most of the guys on NBC - Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, Keith Olbermann and Tim Russert especially. Chris Mathewson is such a loud mouth, he must be in love with his own voice as he loves to interrupt others. Him, I'm not so crazy about him.

I especially don't like his use of the word "sympathetic" when referring to the votes that Hillary got after showing her emotion yesterday. His spin is that people felt bad for her so they voted for her! What a jerk.

What he doesn't realize is that we got to see an emotion that we don't usually get to see from Hillary. She's had to be pretty stoic as a public figure, especially with the whole Monica affair (pardon the pun.)

He doesn't realize either that women around this country feel a need, a desire, a passion even, to fix the screw-ups that have resulted from the decades of men who gone before us.

We're tired of the beaten down feelings we've gotten from the current administration who wants to put women back into the 50's and 60's, taking away any and all rights that we have worked so hard to get.

Good job, Dawn, in voting your heart - it shows how important it is for everyone to vote when they get the opportunity to and help to make a difference. I'm glad she won here, if it couldn't be John Edwards, it's great that it was her. I love this race so far, only 302 days left until the general election - the Rhode Island primary is in March and, finally, I'll get to vote! I just hope John Edwards will be on the ballot.

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