Thursday, January 31, 2008


Right about when President Idiot stole the 1st Presidential election I decided that I would curtail my TV news viewing. I cannot stand seeing his face or hearing his voice. It's only gotten worse in the last 7 years! I'm really not much of a TV watcher anyway, documentaries, movies and a few shows are all I watch. The one news show I watch and enjoy is Countdown with Keith Olbermann, which is on at 8pm, repeated at 12midnight on MSNBC. Occasionally I watch Brian Williams on NBC and Nightline.

So each day I read newspapers and news on-line. I start with because that's our local paper and I always look at the obituaries. Then I go to the NY Times, Washington Post, USA Today, MsNBC, CNN, ABC News, CBS News, Mother Jones, CQ Politics, Daily Kos, Drudge Report, Salon, and probably more that I cannot think of and I am too lazy to go look up right now.

I always start with the headlines and I've made a list of headlines that caught my eye today! You should be able to click on the headline line and read the article. You may agree or disagree wth my feelings towards the headlines, but I wanted to share my view - especially since this blog is called Life, as I see it...

These headlines make me angry:
Feds let states delay bridge inspections

Brain screenings for vets may be flawed

Soldier suicides reach record level or Report: Army suicides up 20 percent in 2007 or Suicide Attempt Points to Trend

Governor Attends Anti-Abortion Rally

Bush pushes eavesdropping law

Supreme Court: Taking Care of Business

White House: What Missing Emails?

License and (Voter) Registration, Please

U.S. air traffic controller force in crisis

Deployed troops fighting custody battles

These headlines make me happy:
Giuliani drops out of GOP race

Top Al Qaeda Commander Killed

Novacek's Picks: Pats will finish perfect season

Spears taken to hospital

Tighter U.S. border ID rules begin

Pint-sized preemie giraffe gets her bottle

These headlines make me wonder how anyone can possibly have more free time than I do:
Tiny camera implanted inside a mouse’s brain

What a Frankenstein President Might Be

Governor's son sells 'Don't Drop the Soap'

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