Monday, January 28, 2008

The Most Adorable Man In Football

Steve Young - Still holds the title of "handsomest man in football!"

Back in the very early 90s I christened Steve Young, then quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, as "THE HANDSOMEST MAN IN FOOTBALL" a title that he graciously accepted and kept alive through the rest of his football career. It totally became official when I received a Steve Young coffee mug (which I still covet) from Rachel, Timothy and Joseph in 1992 or 1993, when they were just little kids.

When Steve Young retired in 1999, no other football player seemed worthy of that title, so it has remained as he went into his next career -broadcasting. I think Steve Young deserves to keep the title, so I officially retired my proclamation of The Handsomest Man in Football along with his retirement.

Today I need to make another official announcement of "THE MOST ADORABLE MAN IN FOOTBALL!"

This title goes to another football quarterback who has had a career very much like Steve Young - both players replaced (then) better known quarterbacks who had been injured, and went on to their own greatness - Steve Young replacing Joe Montana and Drew Bledsoe's replacement - Tom Brady!

He is, by far, the most adorable man in football. His humble attitude, gleaming graciousness, clever coyness, perfect smile, superb personality and brilliance on the field had earned him this first time coveted ACDC award!

I also should make this comment official - I have a complete and total crush on him!

I know, I know he is young enough to be my son, but I don't care. If I DID have a son I would want him to be just like Tom, even if he didn't play football! His parents did a great job with him and they must be so proud of all his accomplishments.

His shining moment, I think, will come this weekend when he wins his 4th Super Bowl! This week should be fun leading up to the big game. I know I will be watching the TV for THE MOST ADORABLE MAN IN FOOTBALL!!!!!

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