Monday, January 7, 2008

Too Old To Learn? I Think Not!

It's said that you are never too old to learn things. This past week I proved that theory to be correct by learning the following:

I learned that if you leave a dog in the car for an hour with 2 Wendy's chicken wraps and a small fry, there's going to a very happy dog and a mess of wrappers in the car.

I learned that if you are cooking bacon in the microwave, you shouldn't use a styrofoam plate to cook it on.

I learned that when you are feeling really crappy and you visit with your friends and really laugh a lot you feel much, much better.

I learned that often aluminum foil "clings' better than cling wrap.
I know I learned other things, but I just can't remember. I guess I learned that if you don't write something down, you will forget!

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