Saturday, January 19, 2008


I truly love animals and besides the dog, which is my favorite - I love bears. Any documentaries on polar, grizzly or black bears are watched over and over by me (and sometimes visiting nieces and nephews.)
Did you know there are only 8 species of bears? They are truly amazing creatures and it's sad that, except for the black bear, they are endangered - especially the polar bear.
So while I'm not crazy about them living in captivity, it's nice to read about them, especially the cubs when they are born. It's also nice to know that some good can happen in Nuremberg. acdc
NUREMBERG, Germany - In the end, the official name for Nuremberg zoo’s celebrity baby polar bear was no surprise at all.

The 6½-pound bundle of fluff that zookeepers dubbed Flocke, or Flake — as in snowflake — will be called ... Flocke.

“The most important thing leading to this decision was that was the name that the zookeepers, based on their first impressions, gave her,” Nuremberg Mayor Ulrich Maly told a news conference.

Some 50,000 name suggestions came in from around the world in e-mails, which also showed strong support for keeping the name Flocke, Maly said.

The 5-week-old cub attained star status after being taken from her mother, Vera, on Jan. 8 amid concerns that she could harm or even kill the newborn.

The Bavarian city’s zoo made the decision to bottle-feed the cub and not return her to her mother after keepers spotted Vera carrying the cub around in her jaws and tossing it around her enclosure.

On the polar bear’s Internet home page, the zoo thanked all those who participated for “the many creative and original suggestions.”

Little more than a year ago, another polar bear club in Germany — Knut — was hand-raised by his keepers in Berlin and became a celebrity after being rescued when his mother rejected him.

Mass-circulation daily Bild already has asked of the new cub: “Will she become Mrs. Knut?”

Zookeeper Harald Hager told reporters Flocke was doing well but was, well, a little boring. “Outside of eating and sleeping, she’s doing nothing at the moment.”

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