Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cultivate Peace While You Shop

While perusing the world wide web tonight, I came across a site that I just love - and hope to order from sometime soon. It's called The Hunger Site Store. The link is below.

They have great unique clothing and really different beautiful jewelry along with lots of other items.

When you make a purchase they fund hunger. You can even buy an African girl a new pair of school shoes for just $14 or if you'd like for $60 you can buy a goat for a family in Rwanda! Finally a place where we can make a real difference.

They also have The Breast Cancer Site store, The Child Health Site store, the Literacy Site store, The Rain Forest Site store and The Animal Rescue Site store! All of which funds their appropriate causes. And at each of these sites you can click daily to give free mammograms, free child health care, free dog food, etc..

So if you are looking to do some good and shop for some really interesting and unique gifts (or even something for yourself) check these sites out. If only I found them before xmas!

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