Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Low Battery

I'm sitting here waiting for the AAA service guy to come and jump (and maybe replace) the battery in my car. Last week, in the very cold weather my car didn't start - I figured it was just the cold. Today is at least 50 degrees and the car is dead. The AAA guy can do a diagnostic check to see if my battery is worth keeping. If not, he will replace the battery for me. It seems easier than going out and buying a new one.

While I wait, I have been thinking about the primary in NH last night - there was a poll taken that showed 93% of democrats are dissatisfied or angry with the current administration. It's taken awhile for others to figure out what's been going on. Better late than never, I guess. Can you imagine, though, that the idiot president has only a 6% approval rating with dems. HA. I love it.

I am looking forward to the other primary elections - Nevada holds a first-time caucus on January 19, and South Carolina, which has a primary election on January 26, and Super-Duper (some people are calling it Tsunami Tuesday) Tuesday, February 5, when 24 states will hold primaries or caucuses.

It's such an exciting time, this flurry of activity before the idiot is out of office. Though January 20, 2009 won't come fast enough for me.

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