Monday, January 14, 2008

The Picketed Red Carpet

Most people would probably be surprised to learn that I am a fan of award shows. I love the fashion, who's with whom, who wins, who loses and so on.

So it was disappointing when the Golden Globes, which is the best of the award shows, was cancelled because of the writers strike. It's always fun to see movie stars having dinner and drinks as they wait for the awards to be handed out. If we're lucky, by the end of the evening, we get to see one or two winners pretty loopy as they accept their award.

Because of the strike, I guess someone figured that there were no writers available to write the show, so they'd just read the winners over the air in a one hour special. When the special came on, I was quite dismayed to see Billy Bush as one of the announcers - he's an incredibly annoying guy from one of those ET/Access Hollywood type shows - and he always talks so loud, there was some woman with him who I don't know of, as well as a couple of people sitting down talking about TV shows, movies, etc..

Anyway, they had lots of papers on the podium that they were reading from prior to the announcement of any winners, so somebody had to write something for even this pathetic show to go on.

My complaint, I guess, is - why not go ahead with the show and let everybody just wing it - this way designers would have designed the fashions and be mentioned as the stars walked the red carpet; hair and make-up people would have been hired for the hair and make-up that needed to be tended to; caterers would have been busy catering all the swanky parties that follow and money would have been spent by the tourists that go to these events.

So, because a bunch of very greedy writers (who want their share of internet profits) and have caused productions to close down across the country, putting many, many people out of work, we can now add those people who earn money from affairs like the Golden Globes to their already long list of casualties.

Too bad this had to happen, that a bunch of greed writers, a bunch of wimpy - afraid to cross the picket line stars - and NBC, who had that loud mouthed Billy Bush yelling the winners names, those of us who are movie and TV fans deserved better!

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