Tuesday, January 8, 2008

NH Primary Night

It drives me crazy that, at just 20:15, the news stations are saying there is a Republican winner in the New Hampshire primary with just 12% of the vote in! What they should be saying is that McCain is ahead and may be on his way to victory. The polls just closed 15 minutes ago!

McCain, in all his humbleness, is saying that this is "what a real comeback looks like" which, again, drives me crazy. His craziness started, I think, a few days ago when he stated that we could be in Iraq for "one hundred or one thousand years!" Yikes! That's not how a future commander in chief should speak.

The only good news for me, is that the R party is showing how completely unfocused they are. They don't have any idea of what they're doing, which is how they've been for some time, but have been keeping it under wraps. Their secret is now out!

I spoke with my friend Dawn a little earlier tonight - she and her husband Joe live in NH. She did go vote earlier today, and as we were speaking, her husband returned home from voting. She's a D and he's an R, she laughingly said "we cancel each other out," but I'm glad they went and voted.

She was touched by Hillary's emotion yesterday - and at the last minute - made her choice. I've not mentioned it, but Hillary is my 2nd choice. As long as a Democrat is elected - I have to honestly say - that's what counts most. I truly believe John Edwards has what it takes to be our President, but I also think that Hillary would do a great job also.

So it's now 22:15, the R's have given their speeches - McCain is still ahead and claiming victory. The D's are much too close to call; Hillary ahead, Obama is next and who knows where Edwards is, nothing has show on the TV as of yet.

Clinton 39%, Obama 36% and Edwards 17% as of 21:22. I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that the Edwards votes just haven't been counted yet.

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