Thursday, August 21, 2008

He Doesn't Remember Where He Lives

In a recent interview, John McBush didn't know how many homes he owns!! Surely it must be more than one, especially if he can't remember. Two would seem to be easily recalled, three even. Four, maybe kind of hard. After all, there's most likely a primary residence; his Washington residence; a country residence; maybe even one out of the country. So if there are four, that could be pretty hard, especially for an old guy. But he owns at least seven homes! Yes, you read correctly 7, Seven, S E V E N! And there may be more.

I guess if I owned 7 homes I'd also have trouble remembering them. Of course, I don't even own one home, though I do live in a home that is owned by, that's not right. My house is owned by a trust because my landlord died. So I guess I can't relate to anyone who owns a home or, especially, 7 homes.

Makes me think that if John McBush owns 7 homes that maybe he can't relate to those of us who own one or less homes. His not remembering makes me think that maybe he can't remember other things either. After all, he is almost 72 - his birthday is next week!

He certainly doesn't remember that there is an on-going gas crisis, because John McBush voted (along with all of the other republicans) to give the giant, money grubbing oil companies over 13 billion in tax breaks!!! This alone should make you NOT vote for him!

Does he remember that most of American's are against the war in Iraq and want the service men and women home as soon as possible? I think not, because he said they could be there "for a hundred years" or more.

Does he remember the campaign finance bill that he and Russ Feingold were able to pass? Nope, because he has pretty much financed this campaign in ways that are quite questionable.

Does he even remember that he is a U.S. Senator? Seems unlikely, since he has missed 63.8% of votes during this 110th Congress, which was 407 votes! The most of a U.S. Senator! (In comparison, RI's senior Senator, Jack Reed missed .08% which was just 5 votes!)

He obviously remembers that he is a Republican, because he votes along party lines 88.3% of the time during this 110th Congress. Or, maybe he just follows along because it's easier.

He certainly forgot when he started dating his current wife, Cindy, that he was already married! whoops!

He doesn't remember to watch his temper too often, either.

I wonder what else he has forgotten, or, what he might forget if elected President!

Let's - all of us - NOT give him another home: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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