Monday, August 25, 2008

Democratic National Convention - Day 1

I am blogging tonight from the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Well, not really. I am in front of my television watching the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Even if I had been given a free trip, there are far too many enthusiastic people there for me. I join them in spirit though.

I'm watching the coverage on MsNBC, of course, and there are a lot of commercial breaks. The ads have been interesting though. Health care ( and environmental ( and political ( seem to have beaten out all the wireless ads. That oil baron idiot T Boone Pickens had another ad about wind power, I get the feeling that he wants us to think alternative energy was his idea. What a moron he is - of course he's a best buddy to President Idiot.
I do enjoy MsNBC with Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams and Keith Olbermann and even the loud-mouthed Chris Matthews who, I would like to point out, when Luke Russert came on to give his report, immediately started to ask Luke a question. Keith Olbermann motioned him to be quiet and and just let Luke give his first prime-time report. There were a few awkward moments but Luke was able to give his report and Chris Matthews was able to ask his question towards the end. After his report you could see the emotion in Keith Olbermann's face and when they cut to Tom Brokaw, he was beaming with pride. Tim Russert would have been proud of his boy, he did a great job!

So in between the commercials there was a lot of talk - about what Michelle Obama would speak about, and the tribute to Ted Kennedy.

And that tribute was a great one. Caroline Kennedy spoke and then introduced a video and that began a trip into the past. To see John, Bobby and Ted back in the 60's helped to realize that they are the past and Barack Obama is the future of our country. Chris Matthews did have a good point - that Ted Kennedy is the only one of the Kennedy boys to grow old.

Then Michelle Obama spoke - so eloquently - it's hard not to be impressed by her. She was introduced by her brother and it was the "mutual admiration society" with those two. It's nice to see siblings that get along. I loved her speech. She took us through her life - before the guy with the funny name came along - to their life together. She also stated how strong their beliefs are and how committed they are to making this a better world.

It was emotional for sure, her father died from complications from MS, after silently suffering with it for years. Her mother always stressing to her that people rarely return to the south side of Chicago, so that when she graduated from college she knew it was her duty to return and give back to her neighborhood.
Then the Obama daughters came out - beautiful young ladies 7 and 10 years old - and their daddy was on the big screen and they got to speak with him. It was very sweet and touching.

Between the tribute to Ted Kennedy and then Michelle Obama's speech, it makes me proud to be an American, something that has been severly lacking in my life for many years.

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