Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democratic National Convention - Day 2

Clinton: 'No way, no how, no McCain'

Interesting evening so far. In my opinion, Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich had the best speech so far. It wasn't televised, unfortunately, unless you were watching C-Span. You can go to their website, cspan.org and see his speech, which was under 6 minutes, but very rousing.

As for the keynote speaker, ho hum, Governor Warner (pictured below)of Virginia seems to have his own aspirations. Oh, by the way, he did mention Obama a few times. Who picked this bozo to speak and who approved his speech? Booooring! What a waste of a keynote speaker.

I'm waiting for the democrats to pick apart the Bush/Cheney jerks. Where is the fire and brimstone (other than Kucinich?)

I just finished watching Hillary's speech, which was great! She brought her supporters over to Obama, bashed Bush and, in turn, McCain. A bit of humor at their expense also. She really did a good job of taking her message and combining it with Obama's so that it became the same message for all democrats (and Americans) to embrace.

I have to admit that as Hillary was introduced by her daughter and she took the stage, my eyes filled up. Not in sadness, though there was just a bit of that, but of pride in Hillary and in what she accomplished. But mostly because I never thought that in my lifetime a woman would have come so close to becoming President of the United States!

I know there is the future and who knows when, no longer if, a woman becomes President, but it made me very proud to be a democrat and an American.

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