Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Democratic National Convention - Day 2 1/2

Okay, so it's day 3 and I've only watched a few minutes of news coverage.

Veronica woke up early today to go to the beach. But, before she left I had fallen back to sleep and I didn't wake until 1:20 this afternoon! I made some phone calls - the house where Vanessa apartment is has been foreclosed and she needs to be out by 9/15!! I'm trying to find out what her rights are (if any) so that she can make some decisions.

Then I drove into Providence to my doctor's new office (they just moved) to get some sample medication. I get one of my meds from the pharmaceutical company which they send to my doctors office but it hasn't shown up. I learned a hard lesson last December that I can't go without it because the withdrawal symptons are just awful. So I got a 30 day supply, just in case the package of medication can't be forwarded and is returned to the company.

Then I went to see how Emi and Matthew made out at their first day at. They both have teachers they like and some friends in their classes. I'm glad that one of Emilee's friends is in another class, as she is mean to Emi at times.

Emilee was calling all over for someone to play with but found no takers. So we decided to go to Job Lot as the one near their house is the only one where I can find the lemon soap I love so much. So Matthew decided he wanted to buy a skim board so that got us talking about the beach and how we hadn't made it there or to Iggy's for supper after the beach.

So we decided to go to Iggy's down in Oakland Beach and then go to Job Lot afterwards. Chelsea sat in the front passenger seat for the first time ever for our ride, which was pretty cool. She broke up with her boyfriend today, because they go to different schools, so we talked about that a bit on the drive. There was no line at Iggy's (it was only 4:35) so we were able to order right away and then we drove down to the beach to eat. I wanted to get out and find a table, but the kids wanted to eat in the car! After moving the car once (some smokers pulled in next to us) we ate our dinner with a nice cool breeze coming off the water. The kids got out and climbed over the rocks and both Matthew and Emilee could hear a metallic ringing coming from the rocks!! Matthew said it was a ferret with a collar and Emilee wasn't sure what it was, but she saw it's tail and she didn't want to see any more after that.

Then we went back to Iggy's to pick up the doughboys that we had ordered and paid for. Well, they couldn't find them, so they cooked up a new batch for us. We never did make it to Job Lot.

I thought that I would be babysitting JaeMae tomorrow, but she will be coming here Friday instead which is great, because I am exhausted tonight and that's why I haven't blogged about the convention!

I'm off to bed.

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