Sunday, October 28, 2007

Refrigerator Saga Ending Soon

Here's the latest on the refrigerator/stove situation. I really wanted white appliances and would take stainless if no other choice. I found that black appliances are like mirrors and when you walk in front of them you can see yourself, so there was no way I was getting black.

I spoke to Joe from the crash and dent place on Friday. I explained that I found a GE basic stove that I liked that was white and, while it didn't have a timer on it (a sure sign I'm going to continue to burn any food that I put in the oven) I did like that I could read the stove top and oven settings without putting my glasses on, which is pretty important.

He told me that he is scheduled to have a couple of LG white refrigerators, like the one that I put a deposit on, coming in later this week. He said the best thing was to move the deposit to the stove in Warwick and he would have the refrigerator in Providence.

So, hopefully I will have a new white stove and refrigerator in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, the refrigerator in my kitchen is getting louder, which seems to me that either it's going to die soon (after 30 years or so it's certainly put in it's time) or I'm imagining it, which seems entirely possible too.

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