Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Alarming!

As hard as it may seem to believe, I've not had much to say these past few days. I'm still disgusted with our government and have just been too busy and tired to pay much attention to whatever mischief they're up to this week.

I've been busy, mostly with Veronica, as she has been a very frequent guest (2 overnight visits!!) and we've been working to eliminate boxes and put things away. She has been an invaluable helper and I couldn't be more grateful or thankful.

I am making headway with Mickey, the dog next door, who is beginning to realize that I am his pack leader. I've watched enough episodes of The Dog Whisperer and I really admire Cesar Millan's techniques - don't let the dog dominate (which Micky does with his owners!) So the dog is less threatening to me, but I am not lowering my guard, especially when Hannibal is outside or any of my nieces/nephews or friends.

I've also been sleeping and resting alot and today, which is a rainy dark day, would be a perfect day to climb back in bed or watch a movie or just read a book, except that my security system is being installed this afternoon, so I am busy getting ready for that!

I've missed having an alarm, especially when it comes to Hannibal. When I am away from the house and he is home alone, I am constantly worried that someone could break in and let him out. Or, much worse, there's a fire and he could not escape! My anxiety level will be greatly reduced once it is in and working. Micro, my former ADT co-worker who has turned out to be a great friend, now has his own business and he will be doing the install. Micro is his nickname as well as the name of his company! When we worked together we had a nice relationship as I always enjoyed speaking with him and was (and still am) impressed with his knowledge of alarms/computers/sound systems as well as a million other things. However, I learned a long time ago that when you work with someone you can be friendly but you are not friends.

Micro left ADT before I did and we stayed in touch. Last year when I mentioned to him that the grass in my yard was so long I was losing Hannibal in it, he and his son Josh, who was 12 at the time, came over and worked well past dark to get it cut (and it was NOT an easy job.) I made dinner for them and the new phase of our friendship began. When they left, I gave Josh my telescope which he had been interested in during the visit. I sent Micro an email thanking him for the work they did and he replied that he left something under the towels in my bathroom closet! I checked and there were 2 gift cards; for Dave's Market and for Shell gas! I was floored and deeply, deeply touched! I had found a friend where I had never expected, at work! His generosity and friendship was a very pleasant surprise and now, a year later, it would be hard to think of my life without him and Josh in it! So they both will be here later and I look forward to the visit more than the actual installation of the alarm.

I think I do have time for a quick nap...

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