Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Saturday Night

If you look very close at this little girl you will see some tomato sauce on her cheeks, chin and nose.

It all started this past Saturday with a trip to the grocery store by Veronica and Patrick. Before they left, we spent about a half hour trying to figure out what we all wanted for dinner. When they left for the store, I had no idea what the final decision had been and didn't really care. All I knew was that my shopping was being done and I was able to take a nap.

I didn't even wake up when Veronica came in and started to unpack. When I did wake up Pat and Roni were getting ready to make chicken parm and pasta! Once it was ready, Veronica put a steaming plate on the kitchen table, and JaeMae, who was sitting on my lap, immediately went a bit wild pointing and ehhhhhhing that she wanted to eat it. So Vanessa, Veronica, Patrick, JaeMae and I sat down to dinner and JaeMae couldn’t wait to dig in.

This little girl had decided quite some time ago that she no longer wants to eat baby food so she had some chicken and pasta along with the rest of us. A couple of times she put her hand in my plate and covered her fingers with sauce. Each time I licked her fingers so that by the third time she planted her hand (in her mothers plate this time) she was able to lick her own fingers. What a smart little girl!

So, much of the sauce ended up on her face and temporarily stained it; it's weird how that happens with babies. But, of course, on her it looked cute.
It's so nice to actually have a home where my family can gather and we can all have dinner sitting at the table!

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