Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Goes Around...

Comes Around!
Joe The Plumber!! How many times was his name and story mentioned during last night's debate? 10 times? 20? more? I think we all got a little tired of hearing it over and over.

Seems that Joe the plumber is a republican. He says he's a conservative, a fan of the military and McCain. He confronted Obama in Ohio over the weekend and he said at that time he was planning on buying the plumbing company that he works for and he wasn't happy that under Obama's plan he would pay more taxes.

Obama explained that if his business made more than $250,000 his tax would go from the current 36% to 39%. He sure wasn't happy to hear that! So McCain thought he would jump on the Joe the plumber bandwagon to prove that Obama's economic plan wasn't good for America or small business owners by bringing it up at the debate.

Well, come to find out, Joe the plumber has no real plan as to how he would buy the plumbing company that employs him. We also found out that Joe doesn't even have a plumbers license! According to local officials, Joe should have a journeyman’s plumbing license or an apprenticeship license. But he has neither. His boss is licensed, but neither he or Joe have a license in the county they both live in. (I'm sure glad we don't have county governments here in RI, we have just the extremely inefficient and crappy state government)

John McCain's example of Joe the plumber now comes back to bite him in the butt, because if Joe ever gets his act together and purchases this plumbing company (after getting the appropriate licenses, I assume) he will benefit from Obama's plan rather than McCain's plan!
“Independent groups like the Commonwealth Fund found that McCain would cover an additional 2-million of the uninsured, while Obama would cover additional 34-million. By 2018, McCain’s plan would cost $1.3-trillion; Obama’s plan would cost $1.6-trillion. ‘Obama’s proposal for mixed private-public group insurance . . . has greater potential to move the health care system toward high performance than does McCain’s proposal to encourage individual market coverage through the use of tax incentives and deregulation.’ ”

Now here's the funny part: Plumber Joe later said Obama "tap danced ... almost as good as Sammy Davis Jr." in the conversation and Joe implied in an interview after the debate that he would vote for John McCain.

It might be heartening to McCain to know that he has at least one vote in Democratic stronghold Lucas County, Ohio, but for one small fact. A download of the Lucas County voter rolls from the Ohio Secretary of State's website lists four Wurzelbachers, two in Holland, but none of them named Sam or Joe or Samuel Joseph. There's a Robert Lee and a Frank Edward Wurzelbacher, but no Joe.

Apparently, Joe the Plumber don't vote.

P.S. Joe the Plumber's new notoriety has brought to light the fact that he owes nearly $1,200 in unpaid taxes. "There is a judgment lien against him for nonpayment of income tax for $1,182 from January 2007. A second lien has been filed in the courhouse against Wurzelbacher for $1,261 that he apparently owes St. Charles Mercy Hospital. That lien was filed in March 2007. , but no action has been taken against him outside of filing the lien.

I wonder what else will show up on Joe the plumber.
UPDATE: Mr. Wurzelbacher is registered to vote in Lucas County under the name Samuel Joseph Worzelbacher.

"We have his named spelled W-O, instead of W-U," Linda Howe, executive director of the Lucas County Board of Elections, said in a telephone interview. "Handwriting is sometimes hard to read. He has never corrected it in his registration card."
The records, she said, showed he voted Republican in the March primary.

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