Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Short Arms, Squinty Smile, Beady Eyes

I was out this afternoon, which, lately, is rare. I had to head to Providence to my doctor's office to pick up some medication.

I was amazed to see so many McCain bumper stickers on cars while driving on 95N. We are a blue state, and I know there are republicans out there, but I wonder how anybody can actually vote for McCain. Even if they want to vote for him, do they really want people around them, ie. coworkers, neighbors, etc.? The past few weeks have proven that he may be just as much of an idiot as the one we already have in office. He's been erratic. He, along with Palin, have been working their crowds igniting their hateful dangerous outbursts.

I do have to say that I am completely fascinated with McCain's arms. I know that both of his arms were broken during the plane crash and/or while he was held as a prisoner of war, and he is not able to raise them very high - but did that have anything to do with why they are so short?! Were they always so short? I have tried to look at footage of him before and I can't see much of a difference. He's not able to raise them up past his shoulders. How does he wash his hair? Shave? I'm dying to know what is up with those arms of his.

There are two other things on my mind, before I get to the rest of my day. Finally, it seems to be autumn here in Rhode Island. The fall foliage is starting to show and it was very pretty during parts of my ride north. The other is that the price of gas has gone down so much!!! At the corner, the price was $2.99. When I got to Warwick later in the day, I saw it for $2.82!! I didn't put any in my car, I'm hoping the price keeps falling to about $1.50 a gallon. Hey, it was $4.11 not that long ago, so I'll keep hoping.

Anyway, I stopped at my brothers on the way back to see my nieces and nephew. I had a nice afternoon helping Emi with her Social Studies (which I love!!) and spending time with Chelsea and Matthew. Those kids are so great to spend time with. I love our conversations and hearing their views on whatever subject we are talking about. Several weeks ago I went to lunch with another nephew and niece, Nick and Amy and had a great time and, again, loved the conversations that we had. I don't remember being quite so articulate at their ages (8-16.) They are so cool kids and I cannot believe how lucky I am to have them in my life!

Having another of my nieces living with me has been interesting also. She just turned 19 last week and as smart as she is, she also doesn't really understand where she is and where she wants to go in life. I know, I never really figured out what I wanted, but she has so much more potential than I ever had and I want her to soar. Right now she's grounded with clipped wings.

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