Saturday, October 25, 2008

Immediate Response Is Crucial

So here I am trying to ignore any of the political goings on as I possibly can and what arrives in the mail today?? A letter from John McBush! As I've blogged about before, whoever signed me up (I suspect it's my crazy evangelical sister) to get the republican mailings had no idea how much I would enjoy them.

Today's letter is a desperate plea for money, what else. I loved how instead of putting the date at the top of the letter, it says "Tuesday Morning!" Why not "Tuesday Afternoon" or "Tuesday Evening?"

And, of course, the much over used and ridiculously meaningless and moronic "my friend" is peppered throughout.

It also frightens with the idea of "our Democrat opponents are more determined to win total control of the government than ever before." Damn straight we are. Look what you, Mr. Idiot Jr, and your cohorts have done over the past 8 years!

Another great line "If the Obama Democrats and liberal organizations like have their way, our troops will be recklessly pulled out of Iraq and our enemies will be handed a victory they have neither won nor deserve." Yeah, like has anything to do with how and when the troops are pulled out of the hellhole deathtrap that McBush helped them get into.

"If the Obama Democrats have their way, government spending will skyrocket..." How the heck can government spending skyrocket any more than it already has. I mean, really, the National Debt Clock ran out of frickin numbers under President Idiot!! They've made living above your means an art form.

One thing that really stands out is that there is no, I repeat no, website listed in this 4 page letter! Haven't the republicans figured out that Obama has raised hundreds of millions of dollars over the web? It just goes to show how out of touch McBush and the rest of the repubs are. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, after all, McBush has been heard to say that he doesn't know how to use "the e-mail!"

The most overused word is "immediate" or "immediately." I guess John McBush wants me to send him money NOW!

Well, I happily filled out the paperwork which included that beautiful postage-paid return envelope. I wrote "LOSER" next to his name and HAH where the $$ amount was to be written. The envelope is already in the car, waiting to be sent back "immediately" with my personal note of success - NOT!

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