Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Great Black Hope

Barack Obama said "We've dug a deep hole and George Bush wants to hand the shovel over to John McCain."

I think not.

I can't imagine that anyone with even half a brain would vote for McSame on Tuesday. Really, think about it - Barack Obama has given us every reason to support and vote for him. His economic and health care plans. Also his plans for education, energy, foreign policy, veterans, women, etc.. Never mind his integrity and positive attitude.

This week John McBush has become creepier than ever. Even his voice; he sounds like some creepy Halloween movie monster. And I've tried to ignore the crap that is coming out of his and his equally scary VP pick's mouths'.

By next week at this time I should know whether I'm staying here in the U.S. or heading to the beaches of Belize. For those of you who think I'm just kidding around, I've already found a hotel and I'll be negotiating with them on two things; monthly rate and having a dog. I've put off much needed repairs for my car until after the election as well - if McCreepy wins, no need to get the car fixed because I will be out of here by January.

If Obama wins; big, big, I mean really big, huge even party on January 20, when we say get the eff out of Washington you loser President Idiot.

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