Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Primary Day

As the time gets closer for the general election, and all the chaos that comes from that, it was nice to have our primary day here in Rhode Island. I made it to the polls about 20:15 tonight and, to my dismay, I was the 319th voter. That was it!

I do live in a small town, but that is just ridiculous. On the democratic side, a total of about 520 votes were cast. On the republican side, oh who cares, no - a total of about 655 votes were cast.

To think that I was the 319th voter, just at my polling place, means that the other polling places must have had a very, very poor turn out.

I sort of feel bad for the poll workers - how boring was it for them - waiting for a trickle.

Also, think about it, there are some countries where people walk dozens of miles to cast their vote. I live in one of the most affluent towns in Rhode Island and so many just couldn't seem to get to the school (where their children go each day) to cast their vote. Shameful, isn't it?

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