Monday, September 8, 2008

Jaelyn Goes To School

Today was Jaelyn's first day of school. Actually it's called a "child university." Vanessa send these pictures and it looks like she was very excited to get going. It sure looks like she has a lot of stuff in that backpack, doesn't it? You can click on any picture and get a close-up view. She must have been excited and in a hurry to get there - notice the car keys in her right hand and lunchbox in the left hand! And "the bracelet" is on, as usual!
Here she is sitting at a table in her new school. I'm not sure what she has in her hands is something to play with or to eat, but she seems to be enjoying it. Last week I took her to the library and she fell off a chair that look quite similar, so I hope she is being careful at school.Her mom reports that the teachers said she had a great first day adjusting to a new setting and even took a nap for the first time on a cot and made lots of friends already. I cannot wait to talk with her about this big day. Great job Jaelyn, Auntie is very proud.

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