Thursday, September 25, 2008

Going Commando

Vanessa and Jaelyn came for dinner tonight. It's the first time I've seen Jaelyn since she started school (which lately she hasn't liked at all) so we had a lot to catch up on.

As they were walking to the house, Vanessa told Jaelyn to tell me what she had on. It seems that she was wearing panties instead of a diaper! She has been using the potty more and more lately. Crazy, because she will just be 2 on December 26th.

Patrick had called and told me he was bringing dinner home - stuffed fish. So, it was nice not to have to cook. Though I did make some pasta roni to go with the fish.

Jaelyn was in rare form tonight, and she was very funny. We discovered shortly after they got here that she didn't have any panties on! She was with her dad today and she may have had an accident. Vanessa didn't have a diaper so there was the mad rush to the bathroom at least a couple of dozen times tonight. She did pee three times, so there was some success. Jaelyn would say pee or poop and then she would freeze herself as she was holding it and Vanessa, and then Veronica, would hurry her away before she let go. She never did have an accident tonight.

As we were sitting around talking, Vanessa got me laughing harder than I had in a long time. She was taking out the trash at her house this morning and a squirrel dropped a donut on her head! Actually, it was half of a Dunkin Donuts rainbow sprinkled donut! She literally didn't know what hit her. She looked up at the tree and the squirrel had the other half of the donut.

Vanessa called once they got home, Jaelyn went right into the bathroom and closed the door. She peed and pooped on the potty and wiped herself! What a funny kid.

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