Wednesday, September 24, 2008


BREAKING NEWS: McCain asks that Friday debate be postponed to focus on financial crisis

This email made me laugh right out loud! It seems that he thinks he's needed in Washington to help get through the financial crisis we find ourselves in. All he has to do is look to his financial advisor Phil Gramm who is one of the irresponsible people who got us into this. How absurd is McBush?

McBush also has had so many gaffes lately, my thinking is this is the real reason that he wants to hold off on another humiliation. After saying last week that Spain was in Central America, and wanting to fire the SEC chairman, which can't be done, maybe he's realizing that he won't be able to sound at all coherent when he's up against Barack Obama, who not only knows what he's talking about, he's also very good at getting his point across.

Hah, what a joke McBush is - he's suspending his campaign until this is resolved! If only it was for good.

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