Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A True African American

I have never liked the term "African American". I don't even remember when it was first used.

It is certainly a much better term than "colored" or "negro" which was used when I was a kid. But I'd like to know what was wrong with the term "black" anyway? Being called "brown" should also be acceptable as most black people I know are different beautiful shades of brown.

Are we to assume that every black person's ancestors actually came from Africa? Should I be known as a "Irish/English/French Canadian American"? And what about two of my nieces who are half black? Would they then be "Half African American"? Their distant ancestors may have been from Africa, but it's not information that has been passed to them.

I like the term "person of color". And I especially like the term"black". After all, I am called "white!"

Barack Obama, however, is a true African American. His father was from Africa and his mother was from America. So it's okay when he is called an African American. But other people, I'm just not so sure.

Maybe I'm being too literal, but as I wrote in my blog the other day, aren't we taking political correctness just a bit too far.

Shouldn't we think that maybe any labels aren't even a good idea at all.

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