Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Larry Bird Is Old

and fat!!!

I saw this picture and just had to blog about it and him. I love, love Larry Bird.

The NBA just hasn't been the same since he and his teammates from the Celtics retired. Larry was one of the hardest working players ever in the NBA!

He was known to fly over tables and into the crowd to get a loose ball. He made those around him play better and I sure do miss DJ, McHale, Parrish, and even crybaby Danny Ainge. I especially liked when Bill Walton joined as I am known for my appreciation of red headed men.

I haven't watched a game since to be honest.

There was nothing like the rivalry they had with the Lakers, and Detroit. Boy did we hate Bill Laimbeer. That one time that Larry turned around and socked him brought us all to our feet.

Anyway, Larry is almost 6 months to the day younger than me, as his birthday is 12/7/56. So it's nice to know that he and I are in good company in the old and fat category.

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