Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dead Battery

I asked Patrick to go out today and start my car seeing as it's been a week since I went out. We didn't really have anywhere to go, but I just had a feeling about it. He came in a few minutes later and I didn't hear the car start in the meantime. Dead battery again! Now I just bought a new battery in January, so I knew there was a problem.

I called Triple A for service telling the woman that I purchased an AAA battery a couple of months ago. She said that she would give me the customer service phone number, but I told her I'd wait to see what the service guy said. I told her to make a note for him to not follow the GPS directions as they take anyone about 20 minutes out of the way unnecessarily. She said she would and he should be at my house by 3:15.

At 3:20 I got a call from the Providence office saying the driver was on his way. I told him again to tell the driver not to use GPS directions.

At 4:15 I got an automated call saying the driver was by my car, which was just outside of the window I was sitting at - no driver. As I was calling them, I received another automated call saying the driver was here. I finally reached a person who said the driver was at a location just about a mile up the road, thinking that it was the right location. By this time I'm getting a little ticked off. While I was waiting for them to track the driver, there he goes, right by my house. I waved him down and he pulled in. I asked why so long and he said the GPS directions were wrong!! Yikes, that did it. Now I was officially ticked off and I started yelling in the phone and at the service guy.

The service guy put his meter thingy on my battery, I tried to start it and he said it was my starter. I said no, it wasn't my starter and that's how the conversation went for the next couple of minutes. I finally got him to see that the lights in the car went on and off as he hooked the meter thingy up and that the battery was the problem.

Once he realized I was right he read the meter and my battery was putting out 0%. Thank goodness he had the battery truck so he changed the battery, gave me some new paperwork and he was on his way.

Patrick and I decided to take a ride so we went to pick up my mail, he shopped at Dave's and then we both hit the dollar store where I bought some new reading glasses.

I am so glad that I had that funny psychic feeling about my car, because tomorrow I HAVE to go out. I'll blog about why tomorrow.

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