Monday, December 10, 2007

A True Democrat

There's a quiz in today's to help determine which of the 16 Presidential candidate suits you best. It helps to match your opinions with the candidates' positions by asking a series of questions that relate to today's most prevalent topics. Here's the link:

It told me several things, the first being what I already knew. I am a Democrat! It also matched me up to the candidates opinions. I was surprised by the 1st match and here are MY results:

80 Dennis Kucinich
78 John Edwards
76 Bill Richardson
71 Hillary Clinton
64 Joe Biden
64 Mike Gravel
64 Barack Obama
64 Chris Dodd

Needless to say the above are all Democratic candidates. I really got a kick out of the results for the Republican candidates:

50 Guiliani
30 Romney
26 Huckabee
25 Paul
21 Hunter
21 McCain
12 Thompson
5 Tancredo

I have to admit that there is not one Republican candidate that I would actually vote for, even if someone were holding a gun to my head.

I have been wanting to post my endorsement so now that we are on this subject, that will be coming soon!

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'Ron Paul for the Long Haul' said...

Please consider Dr. Ron Paul as a worthy option, even a true Democrat such as myself is voting for him.