Thursday, December 13, 2007

Outrage in Providence

22:00 - I just turned the police scanner on after having it off for a couple of hours.

It is hard to believe but the city of Providence is still in gridlock. They are now, AS I WRITE THIS, still taking kids off school buses!!!! They are calling for people with SUVs to help get the kids to their homes! Have these kids been warm this entire time? Have they had the opportunity to eat anything? To use a bathroom? I have so many questions that there is not enough time or question marks available for them all!

Where's the DOT?? Why weren't these roads treated at the start of the storm at 11:00 so that cars and trucks could get up the hills instead of bogging down and causing back-ups? Why didn't they stop the already stopped traffic on highways and side roads to get the plows in from the other direction?

22:15 - 3 buses in Providence still have students on them that need to be removed! I just called Channel 10 to see if they were aware of this and they said they are monitoring this.

22:32 - According to Channel 11 - Mayor Cicilline saying that 52 students have been stranded! What an outrage!! Cicilline hasn't even spoken to any parents at this time! They are showing video, some of the kids are little - 8 to 10 years old.

On the police scanner @
22:37: 6 year old Asian girl, any idea what her name is?? She doesn't understand or speak English!

Ed Parker, who was with DOT forever - retired this year. He was someone I called from time to time when I had questions, concerns or complaints about the RI Roadways. He was great, always taking time to answer my questions. Whomever his replacement is, they should be fired!!

I have to give the Providence Police a lot of credit. They are doing an admirable job out there considering no support from the mayor and DOT!

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