Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tom "Terrific" Brady

Tom Brady may well be the greatest NFL quarterback of all time.

At the very least, he is the one quarterback who seems to have more fun than any other while playing the game.

Seeing him tonight after the game, running to the locker room - it wasn't hard to be caught up in his enthusiasm and enjoyment. Yet he's humble, sharing the win with the other players and not taking the credit for himself.

He even shared the win with the team owner, Robert Kraft, by giving him the last ball used in the game.

He is one of the brightest, nicest and most earnest young men I've ever seen and he does misprove the old saying: Nice guys finish last.

Not this nice guy.


Anonymous said...

He's not the "handsomest man in football" or anything though.

ACDC said...

I think that he may be the one football player that could fill Steve Young's shoes! Since Steve is retired now, maybe it's time I named a successor.
This is going to require some heavy thinking on my part.