Sunday, December 23, 2007

So Long Gordon

On Friday evening, Patrick called me as he usually does to tell me he was home. He also told me to "call Gordon to come pick up his bibles" which didn't mean anything to me until I remembered seeing a UPS truck in his driveway earlier in the day. I asked Pat what he was talking about and he said there were 4 cartons of bibles at his front door that he had to climb over to get into his house.

I called Gordon, who is our 80 something year old landlord, and he told me he just got home from RI Hospital - I asked if he was visiting someone and he said he was there because the doctors cut a big growth out of his leg which included some muscle and he was going to be laying low for some time, getting used to crutches, and healing. He said his wife would go over to pick the bibles up at Patrick's. He complained a little about the delivery that went to Patrick, because he specifically told UPS 310 not 310A for the address. We talked for a few minutes more and he was in good spirits when we hung up.

I was up very early on Saturday morning and saw a fire truck come down road and turn into Gordon's driveway. A few minutes later, while I was out with Hannibal, a rescue came and pulled into my driveway to ask which house was 310. I sent him on his way and before long an EG police officer came down the road and pulled into Patrick's driveway. He must have realized he had the wrong drive so he tried to back out and got stuck in the snow for a minute and then found the right house.

I called over to Patrick and asked him to look out and see what was going on and he couldn't really see anything so I called the EG Fire and the dispatcher said they requested a rescue, no details given. Shortly after that, Patrick called to say that Gordon had been brought out on a stretcher with a neck brace on. I thought for sure he must have fallen, because he had said he was so unsteady with the crutches. During this time, the logging trucks were lined up in front of my house, waiting to enter the property once the rescue had left.

The rescue left after a few minutes, with Gordon's wife, Cheryl, following. Later that afternoon, about 2:00 or so, I called over to the house to see if everything and everybody was okay, but no one was there to answer, so I left a message.

Tonight, about 5:00 I ran into Chris and Amber (my neighbors) and asked if they knew what happened, which they didn't. Chris said he'd call over and let me know what was going on.

Later on, as I was making more chocolate candies, Amber came downstairs, brought me a delicious sugar cookie and told me that Gordon had died this morning! Seems that he had a blood clot of some sort. I feel awful.

Gordon was a real character who pretty much said what was on his mind. He was a bible reading republican, but I liked him in spite of that. He had had a tough time of it lately with the land mess and having to put in a new septic for my upstairs neighbors. I had been somewhat worried about him with the stress he had been going through, but no way did I think his life would end so soon after my meeting him.

His wife, Cheryl, is probably about 20 years younger than he was, which should help her somewhat in getting through all the stuff she's about to go through, and I'm sure it's not going to be easy for her.

I have a feeling that his passing is going to effect me, Patrick, Amber and Chris. Even though we have leases for our rentals, I expect some changes will be coming soon and I can't imagine they'll be for the better.

12/24-I stopped by to see Cheryl this evening and give her some chocolates and fudge. She is devastated about Gordon's death and she said her heart is broken. It seems no matter what the circumstances, death is difficult for everyone. I'm sending good thoughts her way.

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