Friday, November 9, 2007

Life's Good - To Be Delivered

Today, at least so far, is a good day!

I checked the balance in my checking account and some of the $$ I've been waiting for had been deposited overnight.

Of course, the first thing I did was to order and pay for my brand new refrigerator - yeah!!!

I cannot wait until it is delivered - along with my new stove - on Tuesday morning.

The fridge was delivered to the appliance store on Tuesday and I was sweating it out as to when the money would be available - I did not want to lose the fridge and have to wait for another to come in. Because it's a scratch and dent place - Danny's Appliance - they're never quite sure what's coming in or when it's coming.

So I was able to get the white LG (life's good) fridge with the bottom freezer. Now the kids, when they visit, will be able to help themselves to waffles, ice cream or whatever they want out of the freezer without having to bother Auntie!!

The new stove is nice - self cleaning - and that's about it for extras. No sense going all out for my cooking abilities, that's for sure. I wish that it had a timer, because that's part of my burning the food problem, but I can always buy one to sit on top.
I know this is the long weekend, with Veterans Day being observed on Monday, but it will be an especially loooooooong weekend for me listening to the noise of the fridge in my house. I just hope it doesn't actually drive me crazy in the meantime.

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