Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not Something You See Everyday

So I finally get to blog about Faith and Jerry's trip to Mt. Rushmore for the 4th of July week. They took some pictures of their adventure and I was surprised to see the Prez's faces from another perspective. Very cool. Their trip took them to South and North Dakota and Wyoming.

They also ran into some wildlife while on the road. Faith took pictures (of course) from the sunroof of their rental car. This is a herd of buffalo that, obviously, have the right-of-way when you happen upon them while driving.
Thank goodness my friends go places and do things. I live my life vicariously through them. Here's a close up of a bison (another name for buffalo) that wanted to get up close and personal with Faith and Jerry. That head is massive.
As you can see there were other cars on the road that were stopped by the buffalo. Not something you'll see in Rhode Island, that's for sure. Could you imagine running into one of these herds while trying to get somewhere on time? You'd be late, I think.
Faith wasn't the only one to pop out of the sunroof of a car to look at the herd. Very cool. Amazing, actually.
Here are a couple of African elephants. Faith and Jerry did not see them on their trip, I just like the picture so I decided to add it. Did you know that the reason African elephants have larger ears than the Asian elephants is because of the intense heat of Africa. There are thousands of blood vessels in the elephants ears. As they fan them, it cools the blood in those vessels and the cooler blood travels throughout their body to keep them from overheating. It takes approximately 20 minutes for the cooled blood to work it's way back to the ears. Pretty interesting, huh?
I think you'd have to stop for a herd of elephants too!

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