Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Game Night

For months now I've been bugging my friends Jan and Faith to get their families together so we could have a game night. Easier said than done, that's for sure.

So, finally, last Friday night we got together. Jan's husband, Tom works the 3rd shift, so he got the night off. Kimmy,who is home from college was following John Mayer around the NY, NJ area, so she was missing. Kristina and Tom Jr. who both work full time and have pretty full social lives, cleared their schedule to stay home and play.

Faith and husband Jerry both spend a great deal of time on the road, but were home from the wild west with pictures of stone presidents and covered wagons. Their youngest, Joseph is fighting fires in North Carolina, so his excuse for missing game night was a good one. His sister, Rachel, who was able to break away from campaigning for City Council, came without her husband, but brought her adorable almost 18 month old son, Benjamin. Timothy and his wife, Becky were there also.

My niece Vanessa came by for awhile with my cute little great niece, Jaelyn. And, lastly, but not leastly, a very pregnant Christine was there.

Whether at Faith's or Jan's house, presentation is of utmost importance. Jan, who loves to cook, had meatballs for sandwiches, cold cuts, pepperoni and sausage loaves, chicken salad as well as chips, fruit and chocolate cupcakes filled with creme and decorated with little flowers on top. Everthing was artfully arranged, especially the cupcakes; which were on 3 tiered cake platters. I brought brownies in a plastic tub (I'm just not into presentation.)

The food was delicious (as always) and the company was second to none. After a couple of hours of eating and visiting (and looking at the wild, wild west pictures) we settled into our game of choice; Trivial Pursuit.
To be continued.......

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