Monday, June 9, 2008

What A Day

It's 8:00 at night and it's still 91 degrees! Of course this is the day I decided to go out. My car has been parked since last weekend's trip to see Rosie and it's covered with pollen, pine needles and a bunch of other stuff. It's green though, so it's okay.

The last couple of days have been quite cool here in my house. Because this house was a garage to begin with, the ends are about 15" of concrete. The back of my house is built into a hill, so it's underground. It's only the front that's normal construction and the windows are very good quality. The bedroom is cool because I have the windows covered (okay, I will admit I have towels hanging there, haven't made the curtains yet.) The weekend was great, with the ceiling fans on, the temperature has been quite comfortable - until today. It was hot in here for Hannibal. He was panting like crazy. After my shower, I put him in the tub which he didn't really like. However, he loves the feeling after when he runs around the house drying himself on the rug and all the furniture.

But he was still hot, so I got the air conditioner out of the storage room, installed it in the bedroom, turned it on and ahhhhh. I closed the door, we laid on the bed and cooled our hot big and little bodies off.

Finally, after cooling down the entire house, I left for my errands in the 97 degree weather! I thought that the stuff on my car would blow off as I drove which didn't happen. I left here and went to the bank, then off to pick up some freecycle items. I got 2 step stools, one for Patrick and one for JaeMae when she's here. I also got two very nice red camping chairs. Nice score!

Then I stopped at Benny's to get some paint for my new Adirondack chairs, green of course. It was so hot, I stood in front of their fans until the line to check out petered out. When I went to the check out I found Banana Boat lip balm, which I have been looking for for months! Nothing else works on my sensitive, chapped lips. So I bought a few, along with some sunscreen because next Wednesday is the start of our beach day!

Anyway, I headed over to the town hall. A couple of weeks ago Veronica had set off the security system at my house. A few days later, I received a letter from the police department that my dog was unlicensed!! I still don't know how they found that out. Was the police officer able to get close enough to Hannibal when they responded to see that he didn't have a tag? So I went to the town clerk's office and $8.00 later, my dog is now legally licensed. Then I headed over to the police station. (Yes, the temperature is still 97 degrees as I'm doing this and my car is still covered with green stuff, and I think the car a/c is broken!) So I went in to see if my alarm system also needed to be licensed. Surprisingly, my town does not require this, unlike just about every other city and town in Rhode Island.

The police officers that I spoke with were very nice and answered all my questions, including the one where I asked if the responding officers checked pets for licenses. They laughed and said that was Dave, who is also the animal officer. I gave them my drivers license along with my phone info in case there is another alarm (Oh, I hope not!) We spoke for a few more minutes as I tried to cool down and I left for home.

It was so cool in my house when I got back, I just couldn't believe it. I actually had to turn down the ceiling fan in the bedroom, it was so cool. My phone was ringing off the hook; Lillian returned my call, Patrick got home and called and a few minutes later, one of the police officers that I spoke with called. He is a lieutenant and I was impressed with his thoroughness. He wanted a picture of my house to go along with the information that I gave them. The compound I live on/in has a lot of houses and he wanted to add a photo so they would know which house is mine. Usually he gets the picture from the town assessors website, but for some reason, my house isn't shown there. I already knew that and I've always wondered if any taxes are paid. Who knows? I stressed to him that my dog is the ONLY reason I have an alarm system. Should someone break in, my biggest fear is that Hannibal gets out of the house, which would be very bad. So I asked if he would put that info in with the other info he got from me. I emailed a picture of the house to him. Then I emailed him again because I forgot to tell him my dog's name is Hannibal!

Which leads me to the next item; I received an email from the Wealth Management/Vice President/Senior Fiduciary Officer who is my contact for the two different trusts that oversees the house that Patrick lives in as well as the house that I live in. Since Gordon, my landlord, passed away things have been somewhat up in the air. Today's email stated that things were okay (so far) with my house, but there's a bit of a problem with Patrick's rental. It seems that Gordon made some sort of agreement with the town that ONLY family members could live in the apartment and that it should not be leased out! He, along with the attorney are checking this out to see if it can be changed so Patrick can stay past the end date of the lease.

I couldn't believe it. It took me so long to find the perfect set-up for Patrick and I and now it is in question. I hope they get it resolved, if not, Patrick will probably have to move in where I live and I'll have to find another place for me!! I absolutely don't want to move again! Ahhh, we'll see how this goes.

I think that about covers my day. I'm tired, but very cool...

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