Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kucinich Presents Bush Impeachment Articles

It's nice to know that at least one person in Congress has some balls to bring this to the floor of the House of Representatives.

Dennis Kucinich spent over 4 hours reading his articles of impeachment to a mostly empty building on Monday night.

"The House is not in order," said Kucinich to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), upon which Pelosi pounded her gavel.

"Resolved," Kucinich then began, "that President George W. Bush be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, and that the following articles of impeachment be exhibited to the United States Senate. ...

"In his conduct while President of the United States, George W. Bush, in violation of his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of president of the United States, and to the best of his ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has committed the following abuses of power..."

The first article (of 35) Kucinich presented, and many that followed, regarded the war in Iraq: "Article 1 - Creating a secret propaganda campaign to manufacture a false case for war against Iraq."

To read the entire 35 articles, follow this link:

From what I can tell, none of the mainstream media covered this. I came across it on You Tube and then found an alternative news website with extensive coverage of this.

Of course nothing is going to happen, there will be no impeachment, but I am glad that Kucinich finds this to be important, unlike most of the Senate and House. The spineless Democrats in Congress have been complicit in the Idiot's criminal deeds. I'm thinking it's time we replace some of them in November as well as all the repulsive republicans.

President Idiot and his "misrepresentation" of the facts leads me to believe that he is responsible for the deaths of almost 4,100 soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens. Why is it that the "terror suspects" get their day in court, but countless innocent Iraqi citizens have been killed?

In my opinion, the Idiot, Cheney, Rove, Rice and Rumsfeld deserve to be in prison. What needs to be done is for the Obama Administration to re-institute the Special Prosecutor Law to investigate the Idiot and his cronies. If Clinton was impeached for lying, Bush et al should be imprisoned for life for the lies and crimes they have committed.

Dennis Kucinich is a true patriotic American.

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