Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Castro Out - ACDC In

I have been saying for weeks now that if a republican is voted into office as President in November I will leave the country. Especially now that it looks like a head to head between McCain and Obama. And I don't think that Americans will vote for a man who is half black, sad to say.

I know not to head north - too cold. Europe is not even a consideration. It would have to be south, which left me thinking over the past couple of weeks - where to go?

Well, the answer came to me today - Cuba!

Now that Fidel has stepped down I think that the Cubans might welcome some Americans - we should all be able to go there more easily in the future than in the past.

I'm figuring my monthly check would go further there than it does here. A lot further. I believe direct deposit would work just fine, if only they have ATM's in Cuba...?

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