Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Blizzard Of '78 - Day 2

Other than shoveling on day 2, we were pretty much confined to the house. I hadn't seen that much snow since I was a kid in Maine (where people had to drive around with little flags on their car antennas for when they came to an intersection, that's how high the snow was!)

I remember thinking that it seemed like the snow would never stop. The Castle, which was never exactly warm in temperature, was pretty cozy as we played some games and drank lots of hot cocoa to keep us warm in between shoveling paths and trying to find places to put the snow.

Happy the dog had been brought in from his doghouse during the storm; his doghouse was buried and we knew he'd be trapped inside. Being an outside dog, it was really strange for us to have Happy in the house, and Happy found it to be really strange to be in the house with us.

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