Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Awful Waffle Dilemma or LeggoMyEggo

Several years ago I was forced to buy a 4 slice toaster.

For years when Vanessa and Veronica would stay over on our regular Friday night sleepovers a 2 slice toaster worked just fine. We'd make toast, or english muffins. Veronica especially liked when I made her an egg mcmuffin. Life was pretty good with my 2 slice toaster.

Then came Chelsea, Matthew and Emilee!!!

In a nano-second my perfectly adequate 2 slice toaster became a burden, a major burden. And it was all because of waffles! Eggo waffles to be precise.

There's Homestyle, Buttermilk (big no-no), Chocolate Chip, Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon, Banana Bread, Cinnamon Toast, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, French Vanilla, Nutri-grain Cinnamon, Nutri-grain Blueberry, Flip-Flop Choco 'Nilla and the New French Toast Waffle!

Then there's Mini Homestyle, Mini Buttery Maple Syrup and so on...

Ya see what I'm getting at?

When they sleep over, the first thing out of Chelsea's mouth when she wakes up (besides her pretty smile) is "I'm hungry!" And so it begins...

Cooking waffles for these 3 kids in a 2 slice toaster was a nightmare. Which kid gets the first 2 waffles? Or if 2 kids get the first 2 waffles and they're finished with theirs before the next 2 waffles are done toasting, do they get seconds while the 3rd kid has none? Or if I give the 2 waffles to the 3rd kid, the other 2 kids complain that they've only had 1 waffle each! So I would quickly put 2 more waffles into the toaster, but it took so long that the kid noise level would increase until the 2 waffles were done.

Then there was the numbers of waffles. Chelsea has been known to eat 10 waffles! Matthew 8 waffles! And Emilee 6 waffles! Some times I would be standing at that 2 slice toaster for an hour and not even had a waffle for myself.

Getting a 4 slice toaster helped immensely, at least 2 kids could have 2 waffles while the other 1 kid waited. And then 4 waffles would be done so the last kid could have 2 waffles and the other 2 kids could have 1 waffle each. Then I would have the next 4 waffles, pop 4 more waffles in for whichever of the kids wanted more.

And because these kids love waffles so much, the next part of the dilemma is the sheer quantity of our waffle needs. Do I buy the single pack which has 10 waffles, or the double pack which has 16 waffles? If I buy the single pack there are 2 waffles left over when cooking 4 waffles at a time. So If I buy the double pack the 16 waffles work well, we get 4 waffles each, except 4 waffles usually aren't enough waffles for these hungry chowhound kids. The next box size is 24 waffles, but then there was the problem of freezer space.

So I went out and bought a big refrigerator - A BIG REFRIGERATOR. It's much too big for my little tiny kitchen, but there's one thing about a big refrigerator - it has a BIG FREEZER! Big enough, thankfully, for as many waffles as I might need when those hungry kids come to visit.

And now, because the BIG FREEZER is on the bottom of the BIG REFRIGERATOR and now that the kids are bigger they can reach the toaster and now they can cook their own waffles!!

Actually, I have to admit that the real dilemma is now that the kids are bigger they don't come visit me as often :-(

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