Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama's First Hundred Days

I love my President and think that he is doing an amazing job. He's well on his way to repairing the broken relationships around the world. He's overturned lots of the idiot's mistakes and he's signed laws that truly make sense.

I am proud of my President, which is something I haven't said or thought in 8 years.

He's confident, believeable, smart and literate. I don't envy him his job and it's only going to get worse if this swine flu turns into a pandemic. We will then see our economy crumble.

I have complete confidence in him and know that he's the best person for that riducously hard job.

I think that Michelle Obama is fabulous and that she has redefined the role of first lady. Their kids are adorable and as for their dog, who doesn't love a fluffy black dog?

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