Friday, April 3, 2009

Constitutional Change

I'm pretty sure when our founding fathers wrote the constitution, including the "right to bear arms," they weren't thinking too far into the future. There's no way they would have envisioned how the United Stated would progress over the next one or two hundred years. Back then, people needed to have the right to bear arms. They didn't know where or when an attack would come from; be it man or beast.

But, nowadays, all you have to do is go to school, or the post office, or a nursing home, or today - an immigration office in New York. I get a bit of grief for being one who likes to stay home. I rarely go out, the idiot and rude drivers annoy me to no end. It's just easier to stay home. And much safer as well. I might fall down the stairs or cut myself when cooking, but it's pretty safe here.

Somehow, as we have progressed, we've taken a huge step backward. Something needs to be done about the availability of guns, shotguns, rifles, and, especially semi and fully automatic weapons. The playing field needs to be leveled.

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