Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mobile Grooming

Hannibal is outside right now getting a haircut!

Usually I cut his fur, but he dislikes it so and it causes quite a bit of frustration for me, so I decided to have him groomed professionally. The thought of leaving him at a grooming salon makes me much too anxious, so I decided to have the groomer come to us.

I've gone out to her truck twice to see him, the first time with treats that he wouldn't eat. He shook so badly I decided to go back in the house and wait before I returned with some water for him. I brought him some cold water and he wouldn't drink it. He whined and wanted me to take him out, so I left again figuring that I'll see him when he's done. I certainly don't want to make it any more difficult for him or the groomer.

It's now 1:15 and about 30 minutes ago, the motor for the grooming van suddenly sputtered, popped and all this blue smoke comes pouring out of one of the side compartments! I went out to be sure Hannibal was safe while Carol the groomer figured out what was going on. It seems that she just had her generator fixed and now it was broken again (though with all the blue smoke, I think she blew the engine) and she didn't know what to do about finishing Hannibal's haircut. I got an extension cord for her and she moved the truck (after many, many attempts) closer to the house so that she could plug in the trimmer and finish the haircut. She won't be able to give Hannibal a bath, but with all the trauma he's had today, it's okay. The bath can wait.

Now it's 2:00 and he's done! I have to admit it looks like I gave him the haircut. Not a great job, but I am glad I didn't have to do it.

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